Membership Survey Feedback

In 2019, we conducted a membership survey and your feedback has been invaluable to inform our improvement.

We received 50 replies from a wide range of geographical areas. Almost 60% of respondents have been a member for 3 years or less, while 30% of respondents have been a member for more than 5 years. Our membership is diverse and rich with a broad range of knowledge, skills and experience in different healthcare settings, with care coordination making up almost 50%. Nursing roles include researchers, nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, clinical nurses and nurse consultants. It’s encouraging to note that 34% of respondents are located outside of metropolitan areas.


Whilst 80% of members are satisfied/mostly satisfied with the amount of communication disseminated by ANZ-LCNF, there is a huge opportunity here for us to do better, with the content of communication reflecting similar satisfaction rates. The preferred method of communication is electronic mail-outs, followed by social media, and for these to occur every 2 to 3 months. Education is the highest rated topic for inclusion in communications, followed by thoracic-oncology cancer news and research opportunities.


Membership is reported as valuable for face-to-face education, information dissemination, advocating for the profession and improving support for patients, including addressing stigma. These areas are now all included in our Strategic Plan for continued growth and improvement.

We also received a lot of brilliant ideas on how we can advance into the future, a few examples include:

  • Increase education seminar days / workshops / webinars / networking,
  • A directory of lung cancer coordinators, with contacts and workplaces,
  • Mentoring for nurses,
  • More projects facilitated by the ANZ-LCNF as a group,
  • Improve communication on a regular basis, providing a better website and access to resources that are useful for nurses to give to patients,
  • Supporting and advocating for more lung cancer groups where lung cancer patients can come together and support each other,
  • A cancer care nurse in every hospital must be a priority!


Ultimately, keeping patients with lung cancer at the centre of all that we do came through loud and clear. Thank you for your input, together we can achieve vast improvements for patients and nurses. You will soon receive an email to provide your feedback on the ANZLCNF Strategic Plan.


You told us how you want to be involved:

  • 22% of responses indicated – I wanty to be involved in other projects that ANZ-LCNF might run.
  • 19% of responses indicated – I want to be involved in research projects.
  • 19% of responses indicated – I want to work on events and information for my region.
  • 19% of responses indicated – I want to be involved in advocacy and awareness for the role of thoracic nursing.
  • 18% of responses indicated – I would like information/ support in mentoring or being mentored.
  • 3% of responses indicated – Other (please specify).