Presentations from the ANZ-LCNF Taree ”Challenges and Management of Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma in the Rural and Regional Setting” nursing and allied health workshop are now available

Participants of the Taree Nursing and Allied Health Lung Cancer Workshop can now access PDF versions of the powerpoints. Please find available presentations below:

Christina Bernardees – CBernardes_Stigma,Barriers&IssuesofATSIwithLungCancer

Dr Krishan Gupta – Bronchoscopy, CT guided biopsy and lung function_KGupta

Wendy Lewis – Laboratory testing in NSCLC_WLewis – Note: Ask oncologists/cancer care nurses to encourage either the respiratory surgeon or their local histology department to get the testing requested at that stage (if appropriate) so that by the time the patient is referred to an oncologist for follow up, the testing will either be complete or at least in progress, makes a big difference.

A/Prof Andrew Last – New Approaches to lung RT_ALast

Dr Edward Livshin Lung cancer systemic therapy_TLivshin