Steering Committee Report – February 2020

Thank you for being patient with us as we find our feet in becoming an active and prominent body of passionate thoracic oncology nurses. In November 2019, the Steering Committee of the ANZ-LCNF held a strategy meeting in Melbourne. We mapped our priorities for 2020 to 2023, along with activities and indicators to achieve our goals. The membership feedback we received from you guides our way forward.

Mission: To promote and support excellence in Thoracic Oncology Nursing.

Vision: Lead the Australasian Thoracic Oncology Nursing Community in delivering evidence-based thoracic cancer care to improve outcomes for thoracic oncology patients, and reduce the burden of thoracic cancers globally.


  • Education, professional development and research

These domains will include a quarterly newsletter, calendar of events, a Facebook closed group for networking (stay tuned for launch!), a variety of support, and travel scholarships to attend ANZ-LCNF events.

  • Advocacy

This priority encompasses being the voice for lung cancer nurses in Australasia.

This includes working closely with our other oncology nursing groups, raising the patient voice in our work and showcasing the initiatives of lung cancer nurses at conferences and key fora.

  • Mentorship

This includes implementing a buddy system for first-time nurse attendees at lung cancer conferences, and collegiate support of our membership via social media, including the promotion of self-care.

  • ANZ-LCNF governance

This includes refreshing our Terms of Reference and re-defining the roles and accountabilities of the Steering Committee.