Welcome to the quarterly edition of the ANZ-LCNF newsletter

During these challenging and unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, in a world that feels arguably unmanageable and out of control, lung cancer nurses continue to provide high-quality care for our patients. Throughout this period, lung cancer nurses are striving to safely navigate patients through this ‘new normal’, striving to deliver the same high-quality care, provide reassurance and evidence-based information, while ensuring treatment and outcomes are not compromised.

Workplaces have responded quickly through diversifying and amending current practices and establishing new ways of working. Adaptability and a willingness to work in an atmosphere that is unpredictable and constantly evolving has seen us make great strides in a short period of time. Further, the record speed at which evidence regarding the care and management of oncology patients during this pandemic has been gathered and disseminated is an example of collegiality at its best.  Evidence on dynamic ways to adapt practice, strategies to keep patients safe while providing excellent care, and ensuring the priority of mental health during isolation are some examples of the swift response of the oncology community to the challenges experienced.   

Equally as important as questioning our ability to continue to provide high-quality care for our patients, how do we look after our colleagues and peers, particularly when we may be struggling to look after ourselves? While we do not know what the future looks like, lung cancer nurses (and the lung community more broadly) both nationally and globally have demonstrated initiative and resilience through this challenging time. This provides hope for our profession and our patients as we move forward.   

Best wishes, 

Renae Grundy, CNC Lung, Royal Hobart Hospital 

Helen Westman, Lung Cancer Nurse Coordinator, Royal North Shore Hospital